Financial Policy

Your Responsibility
As a courtesy to you, we will file your claims to all medical insurance & workers compensation plans. We do expect co-payments to be paid at the time of service. Any balance remaining after insurance has paid their part of the covered portion, will be due upon receipt of your first statement (e.g. Coinsurance, Deductible, non-covered, etc.).

Private Insurance Patients
GastroIntestinal Associates accepts assignment for most major insurances. You will be required to pay applicable co-payments at the time of service and you are responsible for any coinsurance, deductibles, and payments for non-covered services.

Medicare Patients
GastroIntestinal Associates accepts Medicare assignment and will bill your Medicare carrier. We will bill your secondary insurance if you provide us the proper insurance information. You are responsible for the applicable co-payment, coinsurance and deductibles. In addition to the bill we send, you should also receive an explanation from your Medicare carrier indicating how much you owe.

Medicaid/Badgercare Patients
We accept Wisconsin Medicaid/Badgercare assignment for most major plans in our area. You will be required to pay the co-payment at the time of service.

Patients Without Insurance
GastroIntestinal Associates is pleased to be able to provide services to patients that do not have insurance. However, if you do not have insurance you will be expected to pay a minimum deposit before services will be provided. If you are unable to pay the full balance due within 30 days after services are rendered, please see a financial counselor to discuss monthly payment arrangements.

Liability Insurance
If you are involved in an accident we will be pleased to provide medical care for you. However we will only file claims to your medical insurance. Any third party liability will be your responsibility. We will expect a deposit from you and payments from you for all balances incurred.

Methods Of Payment
We accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept post-dated checks, nor will we hold checks for any length of time. Payment arrangements may be made as necessary with the Billing Department.

Returned Checks
There will be a $30.00 fee assessed for any and all checks returned from the bank for any reason.

Minor Patients
For all services rendered to minor patients, the adult with whom the patient resides is responsible for payment, even if the parents are divorced, regardless of the terms of the custodial agreement.

Prior Balance
Patients with a prior balance at the time services are requested, will be asked to pay the prior balance in full before being seen. If the balance cannot be paid in full, then we may consider monthly payment arrangements.

Information Change
Please advise us of any address or phone number changes promptly.

Collection Procedures
Members of our billing department are always available to help you with questions and or payment arrangements. We consider payment by the patient for services rendered to be an important part of the patient’s role in the patient/physician relationship. Prompt payment for services rendered is expected and failure to comply or respond to repeated communications from our office may result in discharge from the practice and/or involvement of an outside collection agency. Once an account has been referred to an outside agency, prior balances must be resolved before being seen by a physician.